Plain milk is a huge consuming dairy product, at the same time when it is converted into flavoured milk even that will be more acceptable by all the age groups of people. After plain milk. The second-largest dairy product consumed in large amounts is flavoured milk. It also has the various nutritional and physiological benefits of plain milk. This article speaks about, flavoured milk.


                     Unflavoured milk which means plain milk, the largest consuming dairy product because of its ease of availability, palatability, and nutrition available. But when the unflavoured milk (plain milk) is value-added with the ingredients like colour, flavour and sugar is called flavoured milk. According to FSSAI, “Flavoured milk” is milk that may contain chocolate, sugar, edible flavours, edible colours, and nuts (whole, fragmented, or grounded). This milk can be pasteurized, sterilized, or boiled. Flavoured milk shall be prepared either by cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk. The label shall be mentioned the type of milk used. A sweetened dairy drink with cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk by adding colour, artificial or natural flavourings and sweeteners that makes milk more appetizing to all the age group of people. It is processed by pasteurization, sterilization, or ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatments. It provides longer shelf life than unflavoured milk (plain milk). It also contains the nine same nutrients that plain milk contains such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, protein, vitamin D, A, B, riboflavin, and niacin. The flavoured milk available in several flavours like natural or synthetic flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, raspberry, vanilla etc.,

FLAVOURED-MILK preparation

                          The flavoured milk is preparing by the procedure with slight modulation which was given by De in 1982.

                           The milk (cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk) is taken in the measured quantity. Then, the milk is filtered through a muslin cloth. The milk is standardized to 3% fat and 9% SNF. 3, the milk is heated to 75◦ It is allowed to cool up to 5◦C after this colour and flavour are added to the milk. Then, milk is filled in a bottle and capped. And it is stored in the refrigerator.

                                                     Receiving milk

                                       (cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk)

                                              Preheating (35 to 40ºc)

                                             Filtration/ clarification


                                                   Preheating (60ºc)  


                                                 Addition of sugar

                                             Heating of milk (up to 78◦c)

                                                     Cooling to 5◦c

                                         Addition of flavour and colour

                                                        Bottle filling


                                                   Storage in refrigeration

                                                       Flavoured milk


Types of milk used in flavoured milk 

  • Skimmed milk
  • Standardized buffalo milk
  • Double toned milk
  • Standardized cow milk
  • Standardized milk
  • Reconstitute whole milk
  • Sterilized flavoured milk
  • UHT flavoured milk


                         The milk which is added with some flavour is called flavoured milk and it usually has a pleasant flavour. The term “milk “used in flavoured milk preparation, the milk should contain a milk fat percentage of that milk which the flavoured milk is prepared. The term “drink” is used when the fat level is lower (1- 2%).

Chocolate flavoured milk

                     Chocolate flavoured milk is flavoured with chocolate or cocoa, and it has a dark colour and chocolaty flavour. The raw materials used for chocolate flavoured milk ranges from low-fat milk to full cream milk, sugar, cocoa powder, stabilizers are standardized and blended and then it is homogenized and pasteurized or sterilized. The flavour of the milk is produced by the addition of sugar and cocoa powder, the carrageenan is used as a stabilizer.

Sterilized flavoured milk

                      Sterilized flavoured milk or sterilization of milk is a high heat-treatment process. It is done to destroy the pathogenic microorganisms which is present in the milk or other products. The product which is sterilized have excellent keeping quality and it can be stored at normal room temperature for longer periods. The shelf life of this type of flavoured milk is very high.

Pasteurized flavour milk

                          Pasteurized milk products are made from milk and cream meant to be used by the consumer directly. The pasteurized milk may be toned with soy milk for the flavoured milk. The flavoured pasteurized milk is prepared by adding palmyra fruit pulp, soy milk and sugar to cow milk. Then, the milk is pasteurized at 80ºc for 5 min.

Fruit flavoured milk

                              Fruit-based flavoured milk is prepared by adding the permitted fruit flavours or essences with permitted colours and sugars. The preparation method is like that of chocolate flavoured milk or drinks. The common flavours used are orange, strawberry, lemon, pineapple, banana, carrot juices, apricot, peaches, vanilla. The pure form of fruit juices or syrups is combined with milk to form milkshakes. In India, mango and banana are the common flavours used in the preparation of milkshakes. The flavoured fruit milk is manufacturing by adding fruit pulp or juices along with sugars in the milk.

Herbal flavoured milk

                              With the increase in awareness about the advantages of herbal components, people are moving towards herbal products for the health benefits. There are some food products that are the best medium to convey the medicinal benefits of herbs. The herbal plants or their components having a medicinal value such as aloe vera, Tulsi, cinnamon etc., these herbal plants are flavoured with milk to improve their nutritional and medicinal properties. The milk and milk-based products are the best vehicles for the transportation of herbal components to humans.


                         Flavoured milk, maybe whole, reduced-fat or fat-free which contains the same essential nutrients as unflavoured milk. As nowadays people are not friendly to consume plain milk so there is a necessity to modify the milk to make it more acceptable by all age groups of the people. Flavoured milk is rich in nutritional value, and it can be a better nutrient-rich replacement for soft drinks and fruit juices. The flavoured milk is available in various types with different tastes, flavours and shelf-life extensions that can be very much liked by people.

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