Food Safety Compliance System – FoSCoS


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FSSAI has launched a new platform for licensing and registration called FoSCoS – Food Safety Compliance System which will replace the FLRS – Food Licensing and Registration System that was active since 2011. The FoSCoS is an upgraded version of the FLRS and was initiated in phases with its primary launch on 1st June 2020 in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Goa, Delhi, Odisha, Chandigarh, Puducherry and Ladakh. FoSCoS will be operational all over India with effect from 1st November 2020.

The FLRS is a licensing system that was launched in 2011 which is the largest and most widely used regulatory online licensing system having a federal nature. There are around 35 lakh licensees, which are regularly interacting with FSSAI on the FLRS platform. Till date there have been up to 70 lakh registrations from all over India on this platform.

There was need for an innovative and refined platform which is why the FoSCoS was introduced. The FLRS was posing a problem with respect to software difficulties and also needed updates. Hence the shift was made from FLRS to FoSCoS which will emerge on the same URL. Initially the FoSCoS is similar to FLRS in terms of licensing and registration portions with small additional features that will enable licensing, registrations and filing of annual returns. The additional and newer updates will be introduced in phases which will include integration with FoSCoRIS mobile app along with IT platforms of FSSAI such as INFOLNet, FoSTaC, FICS, and FPVIS.

FoSCoS is a cloud based and an upgraded food safety compliance online platform that comprises of a single window system where all the facilities are available together at a time. This platform has also been integrated with the FoSCoS Mobile App. The main intent of FoSCoS portal is to make it as a fully fledged compliance portal and extend various user services through this portal to the users. FoSCoS is based on latest software and hardware functionalities that is capable of handling many users concurrently which will provide expedited speed. This will eliminate the complaints regarding slow speed issues. The primary objective is to transform from a licensing and registration system to a fully fledged central food safety compliance regulatory platform.  

The FoSCoS is built on a technologically advanced integrated application capable of a higher user interface and traffic that can have potential for further updates and functionalities like sample management, improvement notices, adjudications, audit management system etc. Technological interventions like GPS location tagging, capturing of a picture and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are expected to be released for ensuring transparent and explicable extension field services like inspection and sampling.

FoSCoS besides the software would also introduce a paradigm shift in the licensing approach that will be based on a standardized product list. FLRS was a text box approach whereas now there will be a standardized list for choosing various parameters thus making it easy for small operators for procuring license. It will also enable the department to grant the license more rapidly to a user depending on his requirement. An annual return system is also enabled through the FoSCoS application which will eliminate the need of sending the return documents physically, postal delays, need to preserve dispatch/receipt proofs and disputes regarding submission of returns resulting in harassment of food business operators will be eliminated and also retain the proof of dispatch.

FoSCoS will also be enabled to capture details like GST, PAN, MCA etc. to integrate with these systems to obtain an all-round and broader perspective of profiling and validation of Food Business Operators with an integrated response system towards food fraud with an advanced risk based and data driven regulatory approach. The system also provides a rationalized procedure which will make the overall process as user friendly, systematically structured and time efficient.

Key Features of FoSCoS –

  • The user performance of the application is enhanced.
  • The application process is simpler.
  • Single window system for all facilities.
  • Increased transparency and accountability.
  • Smooth and efficient procedure.
  • Eliminates discrepancies.
  • Updated and refined software system.

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