TECHNOLOGY is only a part of the answer to an improved food status, but it is an essential part. government policies which encourage agricultural production, reduced interest rates, and free trade to avoid further crises are critical. However, history has shown that science and technology have major roles in alleviating hunger.

Technologies to improve the food situation are of two types .The first is those directly related to agricultural production .New varieties of grains, improved fertilizers and pesticides, better irrigation systems, and higher nutrient content cereals are examples. However, agricultural improvements cannot be fully utilized without improve postharvest technologies. This second type of technology involves all steps occurring after crops or animal products are harvested. postharvest technologies include transportation, storage, processing, packaging, and utilization.

Food science and technology plays a critical role in helping societies preserve and store the foods they have produced. The ability to consume products long after harvest is a key development that can free a society from the ups and downs of climate and nature.

Food scientists and technologists can develop improved foods manufactured with higher efficiency and systems to fortify foods with specific nutrients for areas where there are inadequacies.


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